About Sarah

Sarah's Professional Background


Sarah is a former English Teacher and building principal turned author and entrepreneur who is living her own leap of faith on a mission to teach masses. 

Sarah Johnson has been serving in educational leadership in Northwest Wisconsin since 2004, first as an English Teacher and then as a building principal at all building levels. Sarah is passionate about leadership and developing educators into the best version of themselves to lead at home, work, and life.  Sarah seeks this balance in her own life by pursuing passions such as running and writing, focusing on family with her husband who is a teacher and coach and their two young daughters, while also honing leadership skills through networking, teaching, and learning. To seek balance in her own life, she has maintained a daily running streak since July 11, 2014 and developed into a marathon runner over that time.  She is known to burst out into song both in daily conversation and during meetings, so be prepared to want to join in.  Sarah believes that leadership is a calling and she is proud to answer every day! 

As a classroom teacher, Sarah was honored as being designated twice as The Most Influential Teacher. She has facilitated sessions in partnership with  K-12 staff and technical college instructors around assessment practices.  In 2015, her leadership was recognized as the building she led was designated as a Title I School of Recognition. In 2018, she was a Kohl Foundation Leadership Award State Finalist. 

Sarah is a co-author of Balance Like a Pirate: Going Beyond Work-Life Balance to Ignite Passion and Thrive as an Educator and contributed to Peter DeWitt’s Collaborative Leadership: Six Influences that Matter Most and Adam Welcome’s Run Like a Pirate. She is a state and national conference speaker around topics of balance, resilience, faith. She is passionate about amplifying and empowering women through the IN AWE Podcast, which she hosts through In AWE, LLC, a business she founded to amplify and empower women.

As an educational consultant, Sarah holds an unwavering belief in the importance of the message she shares with participants and readers of her leadership books about seeking balance, building resiliency and transforming within their own lives to be the best leaders they can be at home, work, and life. 

Sarah's Leap of Faith

Sarah left a position in a building to seek to teach masses in what she believes is a calling. Her passion for the message of balance, resiliency, and faith is the only thing that would have called her away from the daily work with students and staff, and she takes this message seriously. Do you need to hear it now?  

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